Alpha School of English Teacher Training 2018 - Erasmus+ Teacher Training, CLIL, Methodology for English Teachers

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Alpha School Malta Teacher Courses

Erasmus + PIC Code: 934651940
Alpha School of English is a well-established EFL school, licensed by  Malta’s Ministries of Education and Tourism and approved by the EFL  Monitoring Board.
Committed to excellence in English language instruction, the shool strives to exceed  students' expectations.
Their  mission is to provide the highest standard of education services in  teaching English to non-native speakers, using the most innovative and  effective methods and incorporating the best technological tools while  providing our students with a holistic experience of the language and of  our country through active engagement in activities related to history,  culture, cuisine, adventure, and interaction with the local community.
There is FREE WiFi available throughout the school premises and  FREE local SIM cards for your mobile phone are offered by the school.
There is also an extensive library of course materials and offer quiet places to study.

Malta is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, just 100km south of Sicily, the Maltese islands have a rich and chequered history.  The Neolithic temples, the Roman mosaics, the baroque churches and the magnificent fortifications built by the knights all contribute to make Malta a paradise for lovers of art, architecture and culture.
It has a beautiful climate, crystal-clear seas, friendly and hospitable  people, and 6000 years of history and culture,
Its beautiful weather makes it easy to  combine the study of English with a great holiday  experience! To enjoy Malta even more, you can book an excursion programme €125 for 1 week courses and €250 for 2 weeks courses. Every month there is a different festival held, ie: The Medival Mdina, Isle of MTV, International Fireworks , Jazz, the Farsons Great Beer and Ħamrun Chocolate Festival, International Airshow, Strawberry Fair, the Malta Marathon, Carnival, etc.

  • Course fees: 1 week €350, 2 weeks €700. Registration fee €100
  • Job shadowing included in some courses
  • for accomodation options go to Dates and Fees button below
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