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Erasmus Horizonte Courses
Erasmus+ PIC Code: 933159983
HORIZONTE German language School was founded in 1986 and has quickly earned a good international reputation through its high standard of teaching German and its personal, friendly and unbureaucratic working ethos.
The main goals at this German language school are the development of communication skills in spoken and written present-day German and an introduction to the contemporary social, political and cultural situation in Germany.
Horizonte School lies right in the middle of Regensburg (UNESCO World Heritage), the largest medieval city in Germany. It hosts a large number of street festivals and other cultural events every year and is one of the most beautiful, liveliest and fastest growing cities in Germany, lies on the river Danube, at its northernmost point, close to the Bavarian forest. It takes just an hour to get here from the Munich airport.
Very close to the school there are many bars, cafés, bakeries where you can have breakfast and lunch and get all kinds of food.
The school has eight permanent bright fully equipped classrooms (and more in peak season) with picturesque views over the city and to the  cathedral.
The following are always guaranteed:
  • a variety of teaching  methods, in which cognitive, communicative, spontaneous and creative  elements are combined
  • qualified, experienced and committed teachers
  • a communication-oriented, effective and state-of-the-art teaching methodology
  • varied leisure time activities
  • free internet access
  • a library
With a sound knowledge of German you will have excellent perspectives to get a job in Germany.
Big German companies like BMW,  Siemens, Osram, Infineon, Continental, Krones and others based in Regensburg or the Regensburg region are desperately looking for qualified staff like engineers, computer and IT-specialists, … especially, the health sector is recruiting doctors and nurses.
If you don’t have any knowledge of our language you should allow yourself a minimum of 6 months to reach a level of German which allows you to communicate with your colleagues.

Prices include:
  • course fees
  • leisure time programme (except transport and admission fees)
  • materials
  • enrolment fee
  • certificate

For details on dates and fees, please consult course descriptions.

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